Submission Guidelines 

Dirty Little Podcast is always on the search for new and fun short story romance to produce. Each story should be 5,000-7,000 words and cleanly split into three parts. A beginning, a middle, an end, as it were. It's not that we want to hamper your artistic vision, we just don't want to have to interrupt sexy time with an ad for Squarespace.

Any Other Rules? Sure. No cliffhangers. It's HEA/HFN or bust. Keep the sex consensual, legal, and we're not in anyway prudish, but don't try to gross us out. We have an "Explicit" rating for the podcast, but we want to reach as broad an audience as possible.

How do I submit? Obviously a loaded question (the safety word is PAUSE) but all kidding aside, simply fill out the submission form below. We just need your name, email, your choice of narrator, title, word count, synopsis (keep this to 35 words or less please, it's for the eventual ad copy, not the back of a book), and the complete text of your story.

What happens next? We read your story. If we think it's neat we send you a contract for non-exclusive production and broadcast rights (more on this later). You sign it. We send you $100. Then we send the narrator a contract. She/He signs it and reads your words into a live microphone and sends the audio to us. We proof it, add music, intros, outros, and advertisements for some new revolutionary wristwatch. Then the podcast goes live.

Okay about those Rights? It's your story, you should keep it. All we want is permission to produce it for audio consumption and to broadcast it on our podcast and corresponding marketing campaigns. In fact, you keep the audio too. After the podcast goes live, we'll send you an unmolested version that you can use however you please. Put it up on your website for fans to listen to. Add it to your Youtube channel. The audio will meet industry standards, so you can even upload it to ACX and sell it on Audible. You just can't do the exclusive contract with them, cause obviously.

I've got a trunk full of stories, can I send them all? Please don't. We want to highlight a variety of authors and sub-genres, so pick a favorite.

Any Other Stuff? Nah. Do your thing.

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